TRIBE: Gulu, Uganda.

According to TRIBE's founders, Bre and April, "We do not measure the success of our business or the success of the women we work with based on their income or professional growth. True success, in our opinion, is a matter of the heart. And that is something that cannot be measured. Our jewels are a way for you to express your individuality and remind you of your freedom and your strength. And our desire is that they would inspire you to live so bravely that your light is one that inspires others."

As is evident in these photos, Bre and April's passion is tangible and their commitment to the sisterhood and partnership they've built with this group of women (many of whom were affected by the recent civil war) is unwavering. 

The following photos capture TRIBE, the women who make TRIBE happen, and the vibrant life that is Gulu.